Where in the world, would you like to be having your morning cup of coffee?

  Where in the world, would you like to be having your morning cup of coffee?

Now that is a tough question, as I can think of many places, today I think I would like to be back in Roma, Italy.

Ciao, to the Coliseum!!


There is one place in Rome you do not want to miss: Sant’Eustachio! Its location is ideal, between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, very close to San Luigi dei Francesi church. You would start your day by visiting the Pantheon, enjoy the square and the nice Gelato shops around the area, then walk towards San Luigi dei Francesi to go see Caravaggio’s frescoes and then you might want to move onto Piazza Navona. Before you do that, once you get out of San Luigi dei Francesi, look to the right and walk half a block down that way. You’ll see a bar or café (as you prefer to call it) that is always crowded with people lined up to get coffee. Sant’Eustachio is the name and it offers the best coffee in Rome.

eustachio Roma


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