9 Tourist Photo clichés

You’re guilty of some of these we know.  So are we.

Have you ever seen those travel pictures, holding up the “Leaning Tower of Pisa”, or catching the moon? Well here is a little guide we stumbled upon that might help you take your next travel picture.


Now mind you we have tried this, and as you can see (me) being the expert photographer was having a bit of difficulty trying to make it look as if Mike was carrying the Leaning Tower of Pisa! 🙂  But practice makes perfect and there are many more wonderful sights we will see on our journey around the globe to have another chance on perfection!


Photo’s make memories even the quirky shots we take, such as:


Snapping a picture of me while driving in Malta.


Looking out the window on Trenitalia.


Elevator selfie in Malaga.


Relaxing on the greens behind Christchurch in Dublin, Ireland; as you can see I’m the one in Mike’s Sunglasses, relaxing after a long day of walking! 🙂

Have fun making your photo memories!

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Dianne & Mike











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