The Ins And Outs of House Sitting.

Is house sitting a viable option for you?

Travel Loafers will embark on a European Adventure this summer with HouseSit Match!  As any traveler knows, the 2 major expenses in travel are shelter and food.   A great way to save on shelter is being a housesitter.  While a housesitter isn’t a paid position, you don’t pay for the privilege of looking after someone’s home and pets either.  This can be a win-win situation for both parties.

Essentially a house sitter looks after someone’s home while they are away for an extended period.  It could be a week or a month or even longer.  Generally, this home has pets.  Cats and dogs are common, but pets come in all shapes and sizes!  So if you are considering housesitting, you will need to love and be able to care for animals.  For a pet owner – and his pet – this is a nice alternative to kennels.  Homeownership experience is an asset as well.  If you’re handy with tools and know how to look after a garden, mention it on your C.V.

We’re at a time in our life when the children have flown the coop and are doing well, which opens the door for us to pursue a lifelong dream: indefinite travel.  We are fortunate that unlike most people, our travels won’t be limited by time.  We don’t need to be back at work in 2 weeks.  Rather, the extent of our trip will be limited by budget.

This is why Travel Loafers has partnered with HouseSit Match   a boutique company founded by Lamia Walker.  A traveler herself, she has put her experience to good use by becoming a broker, matching potential sitters with potential homes.

Lamia gives her company the personal touch you expect from any good business.  There’s a bit of a process to being a housesitter and Lamia is involved firsthand.  We see her as something of a coach and mentor, guiding us through the process.  People looking for housesitters are basically inviting strangers (you!) into their homes to look after what matters most to them: their home and pets.  So expect to be vetted carefully.

Our pet sitting

Through the HouseSit Match international network of homeowners, we hope to discover cities and countries we may not have considered visiting.  A quick look at the HouseSit Match website (at the time of writing) features opportunities in the UK, Spain, Denmark, Bulgaria, Australia and Costa Rica. We are offering our readers a 20% off coupon – to benefit from the discount you must use coupon code PERFECT20 when you register via this link

We like to plan our trips in broad strokes, leaving room to move so we can take advantage of the unexpected.  So the occasional last-minute housesitting opportunity appeals to our personal travel sensibilities.

With life experience under our belts as parents, homeowners, business owners, but still young enough to enjoy what life has to offer, we’re certain we will be telling interesting housesitting stories in our twilight years.

Please follow our adventures at any of the links below.   We might even inspire you to become a housesitter.  And if you’d like to easily book accommodations between housesits, it can easily be done via Travel Loafers in your own currency too, which is handy.   And that helps extend our travels too!


Follow us at the links below for great travel deals and inspiration – see you on the road!

Mike & Dianne 




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